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What time is it?
"Hey there Applejack."
"Howdy Twi."
"Do you know what time it is?"
"Darn. Alright, see you later."
"See ya."
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Schism of the Herd
A place of safety.
Separated from the herd.
The horses in the stable eye outsiders warily.
"Come out and join us!", the larger crowd of horses outside calls. "There are no separations, no rules, there is complete and utter freedom here! Your restrictions are draconian, against what our species desires, in fact!"
"Neigh!", comes the response, "we are proud horses, our rules make us horse. We will not descend to your level of decadence."
Slowly, slowly, horses outside the stable see the wisdom of of the ones inside.
The stable grows.
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Angry sounds in the dark night.
They strike. There is no avoiding them.
Can you avoid the sounds when the very air you breath carries them?
The shock of them startles you.
Your ears ring.
Rivulets of water begin to run down your face.
You turn your face heavenward and admire the thunderstorm-clouded sky.
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The Leader
The leader.
A harsh master, driving his subordinates.
"Read this!" "Draw that!" "Give me ideas!"
The chief guardian.
Suddenly, treachery!
"Hypocrisy!", they shout. "Traitor!"
His cleverness is revealed, however. His unending battle to expose the forces of darkness.
He rises to do battle again.
This time, they remain silent.
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Keepers of Words
The faithful ones.
They guard the gates. Words are their charge.
They are zealous. No stray texts pass unnoticed.
Haters of violence.
Scoffing at lust.
They are the keepers of words.
They are the librarians.
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Outside the Stable
A pony, unbridled, wanders the desolate wasteland.
It comes upon a group of its fellows.
They band together, comforting and caring for each other.
Sharing their pain. Always as one.
None are left alone.
A bright spot in the darkness.
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This reminds me of a fanfic I read...
"Hey AJ!", Rainbow Dash called as she flew by the farm. She swerved suddenly and stopped, staring at the sight below. A long line of cattle was trailing from where Applejack was standing, and she appeared to be giving something to each animal, who then trotted away. She flew down toward the ground to get a better look.
"Hey AJ", she repeated, "whatcha doin'?"
Applejack deposited a bit into a pouch that the next bovine proffered at her and nodded at the thanks she received. She then turned to her friend and fixed her with a quizzical look.
"What does it look like I'm doin', Rainbow? I'm tippin' cows."
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thanks by wollap thanks :iconwollap:wollap 96 9 Korra by sharandula Korra :iconsharandula:sharandula 3,717 355 Mass Effect 2 Citadel by droot1986 Mass Effect 2 Citadel :icondroot1986:droot1986 5,379 359


Yeah, I wrote that title.

Anyway, I'm writing stuff, trying it out, posting thoughts, opinions, feelings. Maybe even stories, who knows.

Shoutout to yrupostinthisgarbage for being a real inspiration to me.


United States


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